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The Credit Application – Published in MG Magazine Aug 2017

Granting credit has not yet become standard in the cannabis market, but as discussed in my article “Trade Credit in Cannabis,” published in the May issue of mg, I believe it will be in the future. Therefore, it is important that a company create a credit policy to define how it will manage its credit and collection processes and evaluate credit risk. Once that is accomplished, the next, and most important, step is to develop a credit application.

Why do you need a credit application?

A credit application provides basic information about a customer’s business and offers measures of protection that will increase the ultimate collectability of an account if the customer doesn’t pay. Companies in the cannabis market may aid their collection efforts by requiring all customers, even those that are on cash terms, fill out a credit application. I cannot emphasize enough how many times my firm, AG Adjustments (AGA), has been successful in recovering a client’s past-due monies because the clients took a proactive approach and obtained a well-drawn-up credit application.

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