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Call Us Today: (631) 425-8800


No Collection. No Fee.

25% on the first $3,000
20% on the excess
50% on claims over 1 year old or second placements
Large claims negotiable on individual basis
Minimum Commissions
0 – $300 ….. 50%
$301 – $600 ….. $150
Return of Merchandise
50% of published fee

International Claims
33 1/3%
Legal fees will vary depending upon the country. Attorneys may require retainers or handling fees that will be applied to their customary fees

Consumer Placements
Forwarding Fees
When necessary, claims will be forwarded to attorneys for collection. A 25% fee will be charged on monies recovered.

When a suit is recommended, client authorization will be required. Should a suit be authorized, creditor will be responsible for court costs and attorney suit fees.

AGA may retain compensation for its costs and expenses and all lawful sums collected over and above the principal amount of the claim.  Should you elect to withdraw a claim without just cause, A. G. Adjustments, Ltd., will be entitled to a full fee of the claim.