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Call Us Today: (631) 425-8800

Small Business B2B Debt Collection

AGA is a collection agency that specializes in B2B debt collection against small business like most cannabis related companies. Our propriety collection methodology delivers remarkable results and will reduce the strain that bad debts put on you and your staff.

Hand Your Bad Debt Off to Us – We’ll Take Care of The Rest

If you’re a growing cannabis related business that has started to extend trade credit and take on additional risk, there’s nothing more frustrating than not getting paid for products or services that you’ve provided. When a customer doesn’t pay you based on the credit terms you have given them, it takes a financial toll on your business and it can also be disruptive because of the emotional distress it causes. We’ll get your money back and reduce your stress by handling all aspects of debt collection in a professional manner.

The Advantages of Third Party Collections

Unpaid debt is expensive. For a company with a gross profit margin of 5% – every $25,000 you write-off requires an additional $500,000 in new sales to replace it. What’s more, according to the CLLA the longer you hold your delinquent receivables, the more costly the situation becomes. Take a look:

  • 3-months past due: $0.70 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 6-months past due: $0.50 of each delinquent dollar recovered.
  • 12-months past due: $0.23 of each delinquent dollar recovered.

The sooner you partner with AGA, the sooner you will start driving additional cash flow to your balance sheet.

We’ll Get Your Money Back

In the cannabis market there are two types of businesses that don’t pay their bill, the ones that are unable to and those that are unwilling to. Each type of non payor requires a unique approach, especially in the cannabis market. Our staff knows how to deal with the excuses, runarounds and delays. Our proprietary collection methodology will gently remind your customers of their obligation to pay. We guarantee – No recovery, No Fee.

All You Need to Do is Send Us Your Customer’s Account Information

Why subject yourself to the nonsense and emotions that come with debt collections. We’ll do all the work necessary in a professional and ethical manner. While the collection is being processed, you can focus on your business. Before you know it, you’ll be able to close the chapter and move on.

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